Different Types Of Kraft Boxes And Their Uses

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Kraft boxes are the most extensively used packaging solutions in the world. Let’s find out different types of these boxes and their uses.

You must have seen various types of boxes in your home, office, nearby store, and many other places in your daily life. But have you ever considered how important kraft boxes are in our daily life? Yes! You read that right! We are talking about kraft packaging, the most extensively used packaging solution across the globe. And yet it mostly goes unnoticed. But today, we will find out different types of these boxes and their role in different businesses as well as daily life. Let’s get started!

Shipping Boxes

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The biggest and most common use of kraft boxes is to use them for the shipping of different products. Since kraft is a robust material, it is considered the best for the shipping of all types of manufactured goods, be it food items, cosmetic items, garments, electronic gadgets, medicines, and whatnot. Kraft packaging can resist shocks, bumps & jumps, humidity, dust, sunlight, and other environmental hazards that can damage the shape and nature of the product during the shipping process. Unlike cardboard boxes, the boxes made with kraft stock are more resilient and durable.

Kraft boxes are also used as display packaging for a variety of items. They are used for a safe and prominent display of chocolates, cupcakes, candies, lipsticks, mascara, nail polish, and many other small and medium-sized items. With a few alterations, kraft packaging can be used for the display of the items that are comparatively larger in size. Also, they are considered cheaper and durable as compared to the cardboard boxes for display.

Pizza Boxes

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Isn’t it awesome that one of the most common packaging in our homes, offices, and gatherings is kraft packaging, and a majority of us don’t know this fact? Well, now it is not a secret anymore. Kraft boxes are used to deliver pizza across the globe, and they are doing this job pretty well.

The reason why kraft is preferred over cardboard boxes for this very food item is that it can hold pizza fresh and warm for a longer period of time as compared to any other type of packaging material. And that is not all about them as these boxes are also known to be friendly with the food item as well as the natural environment. Feeling love for these boxes, aren’t you?

Apparel Packaging

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Did you know that shirts, ties, trousers, lingerie items, and all the other types of apparel are packed in kraft packaging? Yes, that is right! One of the biggest consumers of kraft boxes is the apparel business sector that consumes around US$ 500 million worth of packaging every year. And the majority of this amount goes to kraft instead of cardboard boxes.

This makes kraft a darling packaging solution for the clothing industry across the globe. You might be wondering why so? It is because these boxes are highly customizable, and they can be altered into any shape and size according to the requirements of the clothing items that are to be packed in them.

Gift Packaging

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For those who know the benefits of boxes made with kart stock, prefer to use them for the packaging of the gift items that they want to offer to their loved ones on special occasions. Since kraft can be customized, it is considered an ideal option for the packaging of gift items. You can use them for almost every type of gifted items that you want to offer to your loved ones. Just like the cardboard boxes, this packaging is also Eco-friendly as well as economical. But their sturdiness makes them superior to cardboard.

The aforementioned are the top five types of boxes that are made with kraft stock and are used in various business sectors. You must have seen some of these boxes before, but you might not know that they are made out of kraft stock. Well, now you know that too!

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